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Free Lawyer Consultation in South Carolina

You may have seen ads offering a free consultation with an attorney. At Morris Law, we offer all prospective clients the chance to meet with our lawyers in a free initial case review. It gives both the attorneys and the clients a chance to get to know one another.

During this meeting, our legal team reviews the prospective client’s case, and the injured party can determine if the law firm is a good fit for their needs. Both sides can ask questions and expect honest answers. This exchange is a good way to establish a working relationship in the future. Let us look at what the injured party should bring to the meeting if possible, what questions need to be asked and the answers you need to move forward.

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Jeff Morris is well-known for his compassion and client accessibility. He is also known as an attorney who fights for his client’s rights. His clients feel comfortable with him because they know he has their best interests at heart. To see why Morris Law is one of the top law firms in the Aiken area, call to set up a free case review. We are available 24/7 online and can schedule a time that is convenient for you. If you cannot come to one of our offices, we can do a virtual or telephonic review.


Overview of a Free Consultation

The free consultation commonly starts with the attorney asking you to explain what happened. Remember that this is the first time the attorney has heard about your case, so your response should be organized. When you are dealing with a devastating accident, this is frequently difficult to do. Rather than going from one part of the story to another, it might be helpful to sit down the night before and prepare an outline. That way your response will be easy to understand. Do not make your answer too complicated. The attorney can ask more specific questions later.

How Long Does a Free Consultation Last?

This completely depends on the complexity of the case and the available information. For instance, an auto accident that involved several vehicles can last longer than a fender bender. Other types of incidents such as a product liability issue can also take longer to sift through.

Information the Attorney May Seek

Some of the information that is initially necessary includes:

  • Insurance information: The attorney may ask about your insurance coverage at the time of the accident. You may be asked whether you already disclosed the accident to your insurance carrier. The lawyer will want to know if you spoke to your carrier or that of the defendant and if the conversation was recorded. You might be asked to sign a release, so the attorney can request information from the insurer.
  • Medical information: The attorney will want to know about your injuries and whether you have seen a medical professional and if you were hospitalized or treated. A release form for medical records will be offered for your signature.
  • Witnesses: Name of witnesses to the accident might be requested.
  • Police: The attorney will ask if you remember the name of the police officer who came to the accident site or his or her badge number. This is important because the attorney will want to review the police report for inaccurate information since this is frequently used in negotiations with the insurer or in court.
  • Social media: You may be asked if you discussed your case on social media and be advised not to do so. All too often, the defendant’s lawyers will use that information against you. Avoid using all social media platforms to discuss your car accident.

Items or Information You Should Bring to the Meeting

There is important information the attorney might need to see at the first meeting. Here are some common examples:

  • Where and when the auto accident happened is important information. Try to be as precise as possible.
  • Bring along the police report if you have it. If not, bring the officer’s name and/or badge number.
  • If witnesses were at the accident scene and you have their contact information, bring it with you. If you recorded their statements on your cell phone, make sure to bring that too.
  • Photos of the accident site, damaged vehicles and injuries should be available at the free consultation if possible.
  • Bring along your health insurance information.
  • Take your auto insurance information with you to the first consultation. If you were able to get the insurance info from other drivers, bring it with you.
  • If you are aware of other drivers receiving a citation from the police, let the attorney know. If you received one, bring it to the initial meeting with an attorney.
  • If you have contact information from other drivers, bring it to the free consultation.
  • Medical records are important in an auto accident. If you do not have a complete file, your attorney may need a release to obtain it. Also, bring along any paperwork from a medical facility you visited after an accident and any receipts you have, including from a pharmacy.
  • Let the attorney know about the weather and road conditions at the time of the accident.

Attorney Fees

Talk with your attorney about his or her fees. Since the majority of personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee, you will only pay after you win your case. We know that finances can be strained after an accident, and we never charge a client until he has won. We will be happy to review the percentage amount we charge.

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