Significant Weight Loss in Nursing Home Patients

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Significant weight loss in a nursing home patient is always of concern. Although it may mean the patient has problems with their medication or an undiagnosed illness, it may also mean they are being abused or neglected. These red flag warnings must be examined quickly to ensure the patient is receiving appropriate care, and a physician should be notified immediately to examine them.

Calculating Child Support in South Carolina

By Attorney | July 7, 2022 | 0 Comments

You can find out how much child support you have to pay in your divorce case by looking at overnight totals in South Carolina’s child support formula. Apart from income, the overnight totals where the child/children stay with you are an important factor in South Carolina child support calculations. You pay or receive child support based on your parenting time.

6 Facts You Might Not Know About SC Workers’ Compensation

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When an employee is injured on the job, they can apply for workers’ compensation. However, most people have probably heard rumors about workers’ comp that may or may not be true. In the following, we will try and sort that out, so you’ll be prepared if you need to apply.

Morris Law, LLC Settles Bodily Injury Case for $700,000

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Morris Law, LLC recently settled a bodily injury car accident case for a client that happened in Socastee, South Carolina, which is near Myrtle Beach, for $700,000 for the uninsured and liability portion. The client, who was a resident of Murrells Inlet, was driving east along SC Highway 544 as the at-fault motorist was going west. The at-fault driver crossed over the centerline, striking our client’s vehicle head-on. It was determined by authorities that the at-fault motorist was drunk driving at the time the collision occurred.

Accidents May Be Caused by Steering Failure

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In South Carolina, steering failure in a motor vehicle or truck can result in serious injuries or fatalities. A steering system that is in danger of failing may show warning signs. In many cases, a manufacturer defect is responsible for the problem. The following sections will explain the different types and causes of steering failure, as well as how an attorney can determine whether a driver or manufacturer was at fault for an accident.

Seven Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer

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After an accident, finding the right lawyer can be challenging. Clearly, there is not just one way to do this. However, there is information you need before you can make up your mind. Here, we present seven questions you need to ask.

Surfside Beach Resident T-Bone Accident on Poplar Drive

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A Surfside Beach resident was heading down Poplar Drive when he was in a T-bone accident with another driver. According to reports, the at-fault driver ran a stop sign. The driver told police who arrived at the scene of the car accident that he was adjusting his radio and due to this distraction did not see the stop sign. 

How a Myrtle Beach Wrongful Death Attorney Will Help You 

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It is traumatic for a family when a loved one passes away, especially if it was due to preventable negligence or an intentional act. Families deal with grief, anger, depression and denial. If a loved one has died, a wrongful death lawyer in Myrtle Beach can sue on behalf of the family for financial compensation. While this cannot replace the love and comfort provided by the deceased, it does allow the family to grieve without financial burdens and pursue the justice their loved one deserves.

Experience and Tenacity – The Morris Law Firm

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When you are choosing a personal injury lawyer, you may feel overwhelmed by the possibilities. In the United States, there are roughly 60,000 personal injury law firms to choose from with a minimum of one million lawyers. After an accident, you may just choose the first recommendation you receive. While that works for some, it does not for others. There are ways to decide that make the process easier with a better result.

What Are the Typical Nursing Home Abuse Claims?

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Nursing homes are intended as places where elderly people can feel secure. They are a respite from the fears people have of getting old, loneliness, lack of care, and the inability to fend for themselves the way they once did. Some nursing homes provide just that, while others don’t come close. 

It is difficult to understand what happens unless you are a nursing home resident. To accomplish this, let’s look at the typical nursing home complaints.

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