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Lee Willard Passes the Georgia Bar Morris Law LLC

The lawyers and staff at Morris Law, LLC extend our heartiest congratulations to our co-worker Danny Lee Willard, Jr., who recently passed the Georgia bar. Lee’s drive, combined with his legal acumen, compassion and tenacity combine to offer our clients excellent representation for all of their personal injury needs. He is a valuable member of the Morris Law, LLC, team, and we know that our clients are well-represented when Lee is handling their cases.

Top Seven Reasons People Obtain a Divorce

The divorce rate has varied over the years, and currently, 50 percent of marriages end in the United States. The percentage of marriages that dissolve is higher if the partners were married in the past. Various studies have examined broken marriages, and the one thing that remains constant is why it happens. Couples don’t give up easily but tend to end the union when they feel that there is no chance of resolving the reasons why their once happy marriage ended. Let’s examine the top reasons researchers found for ending a marriage. 

Proving Best Interests of the Child in a Custody Case

In terms of child custody, the happiness, emotional development, security and mental health of a child is of paramount importance. This is called the best interests of the child, and all decisions in a child custody case are based on that. The court’s decision is determined by the proof presented in the case. Let’s examine the major factors the court considers and how to show proof that the decisions the judge makes will be in the best interests of the child.

The National Trial Lawyers Announces the Re-Selection of Jeffrey Morris as a Top 40 Under 40 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyer in South Carolina After One Year

The National Trial Lawyers is pleased to announce that Jeffrey Morris of Morris Law LLC in Surfside Beach has been re-selected as a Top 40 Under 40 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyer in SC after his first year as an exceptionally respected member. This honor has been given to Mr. Morris for his superior skills and qualifications in the legal field. Membership in this exclusive organization is by invitation only and is limited to the top 40 attorneys in each state or region who have demonstrated excellence and have achieved outstanding results in their careers in either civil plaintiff or criminal defense law. 

How to Handle the Separation of Assets

The most commonly asked question during a divorce proceeding might be, “Who gets what?” When a couple decides to get married, they ultimately agree to become one, not just on relationship terms but on business terms as well. That is why divorce often costs so much time and money because there is often so much

How Divorce Can Affect Estate Planning

Going through a divorce doesn’t just mean ending a marriage. For couples who have been together for decades and have acquired high-valued assets along the way, divorce can mean deciding who gets the house, who gets the land, and even who gets the family-owned business. In this scenario, the focus should be on estate planning. An estate plan is essentially like a will and testament declaring that a spouse can handle your money, paying bills, filing taxes, making life and death decisions over your well-being in the case that you are seriously hurt or have fallen ill, etc.

Family Law – Separation Process

A legal separation is often a solution for couples not ready to divorce. For some, a separation means the opportunity to step back, think about their marriage, and figure out a way to get it back on track. Others choose a separation to prepare for a divorce. Regardless of the purpose of the separation, there are three basic steps involved, which are much like the steps in a divorce.

Family Law – Visitation Rights

Children are an amazing blessing, which makes fighting for custody and visitation rights such a hard and important process. It can also be a scary process. Fortunately, you can battle that fear by learning more about the process and how legal help can lighten the burden.

Can Child Custody Be Impacted by Divorce Grounds in South Carolina?

Under South Carolina child custody laws, judges may consider many factors when deciding custody cases. Absent abuse or other wrongdoing, courts believe that a child benefits from having both parents play an active role in the child’s life.

Therefore, courts prefer that the parents work out a custody and visitation schedule that allows the child to continue a close relationship with both parents. The court has the final say on whether the arrangement is in the best interest of the child.