Nursing Home Abuse

Significant Weight Loss in Nursing Home Patients

Significant weight loss in a nursing home patient is always of concern. Although it may mean the patient has problems with their medication or an undiagnosed illness, it may also mean they are being abused or neglected. These red flag warnings must be examined quickly to ensure the patient is receiving appropriate care, and a physician should be notified immediately to examine them.

What Are the Typical Nursing Home Abuse Claims?

Nursing homes are intended as places where elderly people can feel secure. They are a respite from the fears people have of getting old, loneliness, lack of care, and the inability to fend for themselves the way they once did. Some nursing homes provide just that, while others don’t come close. 

It is difficult to understand what happens unless you are a nursing home resident. To accomplish this, let’s look at the typical nursing home complaints.